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    Hub of Transformative Teaching and Learning

    Mahidol University's motto 'attanamuppamamkare' in the ancient language of Pali, translates into "One should care about others as one cares about oneself." This philosophy is the underlying theme pervading the university's activities as it endeavors to imbue graduates with the conviction that, apart from academic achievement, they have the responsibility to improve the quality of life of their fellow human beings and make the world a better place. We deeply believe that in order to fulfill this responsibility, our students must be equipped with skills in clear communication, critical thinking, and complex problem solving.

    Mahidol University provides 526 academic programs, including 65 doctoral (Ph.D) degrees, over 150 at the Master's level, more than 70 at Bachelor degrees, 18 at Diploma or Certificate level, as well as 170 Certificate of Proficiency Board programs.

    These cover a wide range of disciplines, including medicine, science, public health, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, engineering, environment and natural resources, veterinary science, sports science, information and communication technology, management, social sciences and humanities, innovative learning, music and arts.

    Currently, Mahidol University has around 27,600 students, with around 1,600 studying at the Doctoral level, nearly 7,000 at the Master's level, and over 18,500 at the Bachelor level. A further 500 students are at the Graduate Diploma or Certificate level.

    Recognizing that postgraduate training supports excellence in research and produces the quality researchers of tomorrow, since 1948, Mahidol University has been a pioneer in postgraduate education and research within Thailand. The university is home to 3,652 academic staff, of which 154are at the full professor level, the most of any university in Thailand. They are joined by 765 Associate Professors and 871 Assistant Professors.