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    Mahidol Channel: Where Learning Comes to Life

    Inspired by our namesake, Mahidol University believes that true success is not in the learning but in its application to benefit mankind. While striving toward excellence in arts, sciences, and health care, the university values innovation that benefits Thai society and humanity.

    Our motto is "Wisdom of the Land". This means our teaching, learning, and research aim to recognize and amplify opportunities for Thai communities and to understand and resolve challenges facing Thai society. As such, our knowledge cannot sit idly on bookshelves. Our research findings cannot lie in obscure journals. Our communication with the public cannot be arcane and incomprehensible. It is our determination to distill what we have learned into accurate, relevant, and useful information and disseminate it in an interesting, accessible, and user-friendly format.

    Such is the impetus for the launch, on March 1, 2013, of Mahidol Channel—an innovative multimedia platform available from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Mahidol Channel can be accessed from cable television or online via different mobile devices. It intends to combine education and entertainment into an edutainment variety in arts and sciences that is diverse, creative, useful, entertaining, and beneficial to audiences and society.

    Mahidol Channel reflects Mahidol University's "harmony in diversity". Contents are derived from the university's 17 Faculty, 6 Colleges, and 7 Institutes. It is a clear expression of our deep commitment to social responsibility. It is our inventive community outreach effort. It is about finding a meaningful way to communicate our excellence.

    Join us, and experience where learning comes to life:
    iOS and Android Application: Mahidol Channel